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Versatility and experience are our greatest assets.

meet the crew

We are highly experienced multidisciplinary professionals who work with great team synergy. Our partners have a lot to offer and are leaders in their own fields.

Business owner
Mathieu has 15 years’ experience as a Naval Architect, Project manager, Technical Support, Building and Yard support, and business owner. Mathieu is a quick thinker who goes straight to the point with one goal: avoiding where possible and solving where necessary, the problems which inevitably arise during complex projects. His experiences is not limited to the maritime industry so don’t hesitate to add him to your project team or ask him to lead it. Mathieu is at ease with commercial vessels as well as yachts and has a lot of experience with energy saving systems such as heat recovery, alternative propulsions (electrical) or alternative floor and insulation systems.
Project manager
Tristan has 16 years of experience in the maritime industry built on a passion for building yachts. His primary goal is to deliver a unique and high-quality product in an efficient manner. His experience as Naval Architect, Operations and Project Manager means he is right at ease analysing and conceptualising abstract subjects. Tristans’ strength is developing and communicating a strategy on multiple levels. His way of dealing with people and stressful situations in a team is to develop an empathetic approach, facilitating content-driven communication to create team synergy. Working in a structured and systematic way, he will support his team so that they may deliver a product to be proud of to a satisfied client.
Electrical engineering

Henry has 35 years of experience in Electrical engineering. In all these year he has seen many different projects on very diverse industries. In 2011 he discovered his fascination for the shipbuilding industry. From small refits until a 60 meter new build sailing yacht. Henry is an experienced leader and a real trouble shooter. Every problem is for Henry a challenge. His strength is guiding the process straight to the desired result. Building a dedicated team around him and managing all stakeholders in the project.

Maritime industry

Kees has 10 years of experience in the maritime industry from tug boats to offshore to superyachts. He has in total 14 years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry with a specialty in piping design and routing. Starting out as a drafter and working up the engineering tree to project manager Kees has the knowledge how to get from initial design to production information delivery in the most effective way. Kees’ strength is to be the binding element between the technical and the communication side. Knowing what the customer wants and translate it into a technical design. He is highly structured and organised and will tackle any challenge that comes his way.

our mantra

“Onward is forward” is a promise to our clients.
We will continue to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

why venture skipper

The only way to create value for yourself
is to create value for others.

“When Thecla Bodewes Shipyards needed a lightweight crane and isolation, our team proposed examples of material and equipment that are currently used on yachts. Our client was not aware of the existence of these materials. We make it our business to solve problems.”


Product leadership.

We offer bold products and services


Customer Intimacy.

We are close to our customers and do exactly what they require


Operational excellence.

We have set up the organization in such a way that we can get the best value for our clients