Maritime project management and troubleshooting

Naval Architects

Naval architecture and ship design is not about boats,
It is about team work, about knowing your role in that team and about perfecting the process together.

Venture Skipper's task and our challenge is to facilitate the team but also give a vision and a passion to a company, a project with our client's satisfaction as main goal.

Engineering is an art with all its perfection and imperfection but the travel is always a journey and the the result should always be a grandiose achievement.

Venture skipper is always looking for client and partners looking for a different approach giving us the chance to apply our skills on their canvas.

The journey should be a pleasure and once at the destination the landscape breathtaking.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Project management

Venture skipper has been involved as project manager or technical project managers for many projects. We can take on short missions such as replacing an "on leave" project manager or helping with a temporary workload increase or we can help you with medium term solution taking on project from beginning to end.

Our method and project management strategy is to empower the team and use the existing talent already present in your organisation but if needed we will gladly help with making a team gap analysis and filling the team with the right skills.


You know these problems occurring at the worst time or the ones everybody is trying to push away from their desk. That's Venture Skipper specialty. Engineering mistakes, class approval issues, sub-contractor conflicts. Our expertise in many fields means there are few problems we don't dare to take on. We will think with you and your team for the most practical and sensible solution to your problem.

For organisation wide structural problems that need sorting or a new work method implementation we are your partner as well.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Meet Mathieu

Mathieu has 15 years experience as a Naval Architect, Project manager, Technical Support, Building and Yard support, and business owner. Mathieu is a quick thinker who goes straight to the point with one goal: avoiding or at least solving the problems arrising during complex projects. His experiences is not limited to the maritime industry so don't hesitate to add him to your project team or ask him to lead it.